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now starting EQG Art!
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Bird to human transformation
Wow... I am incredibly proud of this one! 

I mean, what can I say about this one? I don't want to be egotistical but I myself am at awe with this. And the flight was the EASY part! Seriously, I only used these three photos for reference:………

Four frames, two for the up stroke, two for the down stroke.

Any constructive criticism is welcome and thanks for viewing :3…
Kid walk cycle

WooooooOOOoooOOoOOoOoo!!!!!!!! My first walk cycle that isn’t a stick figure!

This animation if for the wonderful webcomic In all honestly, I’m just in it for Kid’s character design. She’s so cute!!!

I’m really happy with the way this turned out! This was my first stab at color and I found it surprisingly easy. I’m also really happy with the tail as well. Took a lot of work to get it as wavy as it is now. 

Any constructive criticism is welcome and thanks for viewing :3

Flowey Jammin'

DeviantArt description:

Behold, my very first animation! Well, technically my second, but who cares. Happy to finally have this on DA. I didn't post this before because I didn't know how. Took me a bit of research but I've finally done it. Yey :D…
10 months..............................................................................

To be honest, I though it was 12.
I am so sorry every one. The last vector I did for an MLP viewer (check him out by the way, he's really good…) really did were me out and I'm all refreshed now.
But that doesn't excuse me for waiting 10 MONTHS(!!!) before putting another vector up. The truth is that I've not posted anything on this channel because I was focusing on my CGI skills. Like, you know, things that will actually get me a job! But still I should not of forgotten you guys, my follower and the people that came to my channel even after I basically died on the internet (you know who you are ;). I thought I could of surprised you all by coming out of the closet and showing you an awesome applejack animation, built in my own style, with particle systems and running cycles and everything! (and to be honest that is totally still coming with in your life time) But this isn't a perfect world that we live on and I was in a fantasy, so I only hope you can forgive me.

Now for the part that you have all been waiting for...........No. I am not making any requests, like, at all. I will spend some time completing some old requests, but i simply cannot take on the same work load of random favors that dominated my life last year. 
"sigh" I know, I know. that's probably what you decided to watch me for, but just the knowledge of someone on the other side waiting for a vector that probably wont meet there expectations is so stressful, and I don't thing you want me to burn out again and wait another 10 months for activity.

And that's pretty much it. Hope you except my feeble apology and see you in the next vector.

P.S. I defiantly wont be making vectors at the same frequency as previously. CGI is still my dream and I'm working at a higher grade so don't expect more than a couple a month. As they say "It's the quality, not the quantity" :)


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Gemma Tweedy
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United Kingdom
If You have been bothered enough to venture this far into my page, Thank you :) Heres a reward ...

Why did Hitler commit suicide?... Because he looked at his gas bill XD

Requests Here >>>> iamadinosaurrarrr.deviantart.c…<<<<

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